West Bathurst Preschool Inc. manages two preschool services and offers high quality education and care for up to 160 children each week. We are a community based not for profit organisation where parents are involved in the running and management of the service, giving you the opportunity to have input into your child’s education in their preschool years.

With 3 large playrooms, West Bathurst Preschool can take 60 children each day aged from 3 years of age to school commencement age. West Bathurst Preschool offers a variety of classes ranging from two to three days.

EarlyStart Kelso Preschool offers education and care two days a week to 20 children who are referred by other agencies in the community.

Each of the preschool’s classes offer a group with consistent educators enabling children to establish strong and caring relationships with both their carers and their peers. West Bathurst Preschool Inc. prides itself on the quality and consistency of its staff, enabling every child access to a university trained early childhood teacher and qualified and experienced child care educators.